9 thoughts on “A place for friends to meet and talk

  1. I'm sorry I missed what was going on at Patheos last weekend. I've now rectified that by reading several threads over there. I like change, but I don't like Patheos. ~Laima

  2. Good to see you here Laima. I am sorry we weren't able to hear your voice in the discussion over the last few days — but I am not sorry you were spared being there. It has not been pleasant.And I misdoubt that it will end well.

  3. It breaks my heart to think of the Slacktivist community disintegrating, as it seems to be. ~Laima

  4. Don't give up quite yet Laima. As Kit posted to the old Slack site — Fred responded to the email I sent at the request of many on the old board.

  5. I'm hoping things can be resolved somehow. The Slacktivist community is one of the best communities on the web, in my opinion. Well worth preserving.

  6. Hi JarredYeah, I think will work out — but right now we are at the frustrating stage where it looks to some people as if things are going in 'in secret' and in point of fact it just takes a long time to get agreement on things which seem small to others but might be enormously important to some of us.Does that make any sense to you?

  7. I think so. I'll be honest, I've been otherwise occupied the last day or two, so I haven't been keeping track of what's going on. Of course, I'm also at that point where I know there are things that need to be worked out and am willing to let that happen. Of course, if there's anything I can contribute to that process, please let me know. Otherwise, I'm trusting that those involved are doing their best and practicing patience. Lord knows I need the practice. ;)My sympathies to those who are frustrated, though.

  8. The worst thing I could do is leap in with all four feet and start condemning. I think the basic idea of keeping s.typepad as a discussion space is a good one; once the new rules there get made public, I'll probably comment on them. For now, well, no rush…

  9. Yeah, we (that is hapax, kit and me) are really firmly committed to transparency.Ironically, it makes things move really slowly since we can't (won't) simply say — this is the rule.Yesterday was the first time I deleted any posts (they were all clearly from a spambot) and even that became a moment of discussion. At first everyone wanted spam to be deleted and then they started thinking about it and now people aren't so sure.It takes a while but the BATs (as I like to call us) really don't have any burning desire to ban people or delete things or do any of that. So most of what is going on is us sitting back and let the commentariat come to a group conclusion.I think after the feeling some had of having lost control when Fred moved to Patheos everyone needs to see that they have more control than they thought they had.

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