How do you remove the subject from their own story

You write a headline like this: Driving dad delivers baby on the Gardiner.

A man and his wife are in a parked car pulled over on the side of the road waiting for the ambulance to arrive. She is in labour:

as his wife, Zubine Khambatta, screamed in pain in the front seat of the car, time ran out.
“I told her to push at the next contraction and that’s when it hit me,” said Sivasankaran. “I was going to deliver a baby.”

Let us clarify something here. Sivasankaran did NOT deliver the baby. When Sivasankaran realized that he and his wife were not going to make it to the hospital on time he called 911. The operator talked gave him instructions over the phone as to what to do. So, yes, Sivasankaran assisted his wife but SHE delivered the baby. The 911 operator deserves an assist. Sivasankaran was there. He was more involved in the birth of his child than are many men. But it isn\’t his name that should be in the headlines.


3 thoughts on “How do you remove the subject from their own story

  1. She's not even quoted! I have to admit I also laughed at the statement that the father followed the 911 operator's advice to put the baby on the mother's belly. Um, duh? Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of modern medicine, but aren't there some things that are pretty basic? I guess not anymore.

  2. I feel kind of dumb for not knowing that \”delivering\” was the same as \”giving birth\”. I always thought that deliver just meant \”assisting the pregnant woman in giving birth\” — it never occurred to me that the process of giving birth was delivery — although now that you point out it makes perfect sense semantically!

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