Book Review: The Entrepreneurial Parent” Run Your Business, Raise Your Family, Keep Your Sanity!

by Chandra ClarkeTerence Johnson

The only real criticism I have of this book is that its title may mislead (dissuade) potential readers. The only people I can think of who wouldn’t benefit from this book are those born to fabulous wealth and have no living who beings whose care and welfare is their concern and/or responsibility.

Do you have to be an Entrepreneur to glean some excellent pieces of advice from this book? No.. Anyone who has invested some time or effort in learning a skill, landing a job, attending post secondary school or being certified has invested in their own future. Anyone who has bought a house, signed a long term lease, bought a car or borrowed money has invested in a business (themselves, their families and/or their future.)

Do you have to be a parent to glean some excellent pieces of advice from this book? No. Only the proverbial “human island” is without responsibilities/ties to others. We have parents, pets, colleagues, teammates, and dependents.

Disclosure….I know both authors. Which means that I know the business success story is accurate, their involvement in their community is real and their children are flourishing.


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